June 1, 2017

Spirit & Soul Sessions

Chakra balancing and clearing has long been around and the benefits are regarded and respected by many. The ability to clear or open blocked Chakras may allow a greater flow of energy throughout the body and soul. When the energy fields are opened, aligned and clear, you may experience a more peaceful, balanced and content life.

To receive a session, book your appointment below. During your scheduled appointment, lay down in a quiet, comfortable place during the allotted time frame. Chakra balancing and clearing is performed by a Chakra Worker while you relax. The amazing part is, there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home as energy is transferable across all time and space. The balancing and clearing session is performed and completed during a 30 minute time frame.
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Reiki is an energy clearing and healing method. Reiki channels a high vibration energy field and focuses the healing energy in order to increase the vibrational field. We are all made up of energy, positive healing energy is generated and focused on the recipient. Reiki treatments have been known to assist with physical pain and create a space of contentment. It may also release blocked or stagnant energy surrounding you.

To receive a session, book your appointment below. Reiki Healing sessions are completed on your behalf by a Reiki Healer while you lay comfortably in your own home. Energy is transferable across all time and space. Lay down comfortably and enjoy the healing session as the Reiki energy is flowing toward and through you while working to assist your health and contentment. Sessions provided and completed in a 1 hour session.
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Interested in a tarot reading? I always say, “You may ask a question, but the cards tend to tell you what we need to know, not necessarily what we want to hear.”

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