January 19, 2017


E-Books by stonehousesociety.com are available at participating e-book retailers!!!

Titles include:

Humor, Humility & Hope e-book

A clever and witty e-book full of short stories which assist you with seeing circumstances and situations from another point of view. Open your mind up to see clearer, with understanding and compassion. Release judgment and fear. Of course this e-book provides the experience of humor, humility & hope which life has to offer all of us. This charmingly funny e-book has something for everybody. Self growth and love is our focus, share a dream, realize your personal power within and a laugh along the way!!!

Confidence Booster Program e-book

This e-book is full of excellent motivating and inspirational content which allows you to discover e a side of yourself which desires your attention. The program provides exercises and tools to propel your confidence. Embrace your well deserved debut. It is your time to shine, let your hidden confidence become a major player in your reality. Experience the life you have always desired to achieve. Be bold and be brave, have the courage to take the step to becoming a confident and fulfilled you!

I Ponder As We Wander e-book

Thoughts worth while of your time and energy should be on the forefront of your mind. This e-book has many thoughts which deserve to be pondered as you wander through life. Be gracious and be in charge of your mind, body and nurture your soul. The best is yet to come! Find out why with this spectacular read!