Pause & Listen

When you are feeling stressed or don’t know what you should do, you should pause. Stay still, reach in yourself and listen to your soul. You may need to pause more than once before you get answer, even a partial answer. Sometimes the whole picture isn’t made clear, but the first step you should take does become clear. We are all so busy trying to keep up with our list of tasks, we don’t listen to our intuition. When in doubt, pause. Whenever you are stressed, pause. Find time to pause and pay attention to the message life is trying to share with you. Your life speaks to you, but you have to listen in order to get the messages. Pay attention to your days. There are no coincidents, everything happens for a reason, pause and listen, then react appropriately.
Your list of to-do isn’t going anywhere, take the time to pause so your life becomes clear in the moments you are able to focus.