Love & Life Are In The Details

The details are the best part of a story, a memory or a wish. Studies have shown, the more details you include, the easier you are able to manifest your intended desire. Instead of saying/thinking a positive blanket statement, involve incredible amounts of detail. For example if you want a house, include every detail you can possibly think of to incorporate into your dream home. How big do you want it to be? Where is it located? Describe the property including sheds, flowers and driveway. What paint color would the walls and ceiling be? Visualize the flooring and windows. Provide your vision with as many details as possible. Make it so vivid, you can almost feel yourself standing in the home you envisioned.
The more you are able to include, the more your vision will become clearer to yourself, even though you think you know what you want, be sure to expand your vision. You do know what you want, but don’t use somebody else’s explanation of what a beautiful home looks like, make it your own.
Its your life, it might as well be created by you. You shape your reality. Be patient and detailed. Keep your vision at the forefront of your mind, be very clear as to what it is you wish to achieve. Manifest the life you desire, see it, be it and bask in the gratification of knowing your power is substantial and ever expanding.