Let it out and let it go!

What are you holding on too? What memory or person in your life is doing you damage?

It is time to take inventory of your life and remove all that is damaging, or of no use to you. If you are too polite or nice to put your wishes into action, too bad, it is a must. You know exactly who and what you need to release. We tend to focus on “getting more” instead of “releasing a little” which will provide a positive spin on your life.

Bring forth your true feelings, release all which is hindering you. You are not tied down and forced to live life of a default setting. Courage, standards and a vision for yourself are yours for the taking, take it. Let out the resentment you hold and let it go. Get rid of all which is holding you down or back from living your best life.

You set the boundaries for yourself, they only exist if you believe they do. Assess your life and make the changes necessary to thrive!!!