From time to time we can all seem to let our ego’s rule our lives. It feels great when we are being admired or feeling confident, but at what cost? Are you feeling great at the expense of someone else? You may think you haven’t caused any “real harm.” Everything you say and do affects someone in some way. Of course if that is the case, we want to be a positive influence and certainly not a negative one. Unfortunately, so many are silently suffering because of an action someone took. If you are sarcastic and made a remark to somebody who isn’t sarcastic, real pain may have been inflicted upon them, they may carry that comment around with them for years to come. You never really know what impact you have, until somebody tells you. When someone has been offended, the chance which they will shut down emotionally is large. Not everyone will confront you looking for resolution. A great tip to keep at the forefront of your mind is —Think before you speak & notice the tone surrounding the words you speak. Leave your ego at the door, be humble, be grateful and be graceful.

If you think about it, you can recall several situations which made you feel unworthy or shameful. Don’t allow yourself to make others feel that way. You didn’t appreciate it, nor will anyone else. Be the voice of inspiration, positive vibes and assist others with realizing their strengths. That is where you will truly be respected and admired. Your words and actions are remembered much more than your accomplishments and bragging of self. Pointing out your successes and rubbing them in others faces does nothing more than leave others with a bad taste in their mouth regarding you. Be humble and let your sweetness flow!