Keep it Simple

Simplicity seems to be a foreign concept for many as the more complicated something is the more we are drawn too and appreciate. Silly but true. A few simplifying concepts you may wish to adopt follow:

Cook once, eat twice or more. You are preparing a meal, double or triple the ingredients and you have several meals without extra prep and cooking time. Choose meal which freeze well so you can easily heat and serve on those days where you are pressed for time.

Clear out your space. Clean out your closet and storage bins containing items you don’t and won’t use. Donate where possible. When your space is clean and free of clutter, the energy can flow easier and your personal energy can increase.

keep your calender updated so you know where and when you have time to do this and that.

Use Sunday to prepare for the week to come. Do your laundry, prepare your lunch and review your calender so you aren’t surprised at what the week ahead looks like.

Simplify where you can and enjoy life!