Give Up?

What do you feel when you have been defeated? Anger, frustration or self-pity? All normal, but not necessary. When you have done everything possible to achieve something, a sense of failure can take over your emotions. The most important thing to remember is your self belief and worth. Not always easy when you are in the middle of your personal crises, but is necessary.

The amount of time one wastes by analyzing the negative is something to avoid. There is a lesson of value when you are feeling stuck. Analyze the situation with a positive attitude and look for the lesson, not propel the misery.

A set back doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy or valued, you are! You may be led to a different path and a new opportunity. Not everything happens as we hope or plan, but everything happens just as it should. You can choose to go through life expecting magic and miracles. Your attitude toward life is your choice, your choices are the propellers of life. Live your best life.

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