Emotional Verses Intellectual

How do you typically made a decision? Many use a pro’s and con’s list which assists with making an intellectual decision. Your initial reaction is an important part which you may be ignoring. Facts are facts, but intuition is a natural gift we all have. Some have incredible intuition and premonitions which don’t ever seem to fail them, others don’t. We are taught to do the right thing, but many make decisions where their emotional compass is ignored in order to make an intellectual decision. Oh, yes. you know when you are not making a decision which feels right. You should be working in your own best interest, but not at the expense of others or betraying yourself.

The universe if full of mysteries which science can’t explain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. “Trust your gut.” is a saying which holds great merit.

We are fortunate we are able to have the ability of rational thought. We are also fortunate to have our inner voice as it works on our behalf. Give your intuition a chance to guide you. Go within and allow yourself to feel emotionally what you don’t know intellectually. Intellect and emotion work beautifully together if you are willing to balance the both. Next time you make a pro’s and con’s list, don’t forget to add your inner gut feelings and it should be trusted. Our instincts are relevant and if they turn out to be self-serving, you won’t be betraying anyone as you can balance yourself and make a decision with intellect and inner trust.