Chaos, Be Gone!

A simple existence is favorable, however we complicate life. We make it difficult and challenging when it really doesn’t have to be. You know how you turn little issues into large ones. You know how you can over react and then regret it later. Naturally we complicate life. Why? Somewhere along the line, we have accepted chaos as a normal way of life. A chaotic state of mind isn’t healthy or comforting. With some self-reflection, you can easily see where you are unnecessarily living with chaos. If you are willing to be honest with yourself, you can see how you perpetuate the chaos. You have to acknowledge your behaviour and reactions, you are capable of shifting toward simplicity. It is a process, by starting to see where you can implement change, simplistic practices can enter your everyday life. We complain about how busy we are and how stressed we are, no more. There is no need to stress about everything. We all know somebody who doesn’t seem happy unless they are miserable. Sounds ridiculous, but if you think about those in your life, you will see the existence of this trait in some. You don’t have to buy into other’s toxicity. You set your boundaries and standard for yourself and your life should be lived as desired. Take a good hard look within, take note of yourself and your life. Make decisions which feel right and weigh the importance of your wants and needs and of course every dream you hold dearly.