Change it up! Once you get comfortable, it can lead to a mundane existence. A small change can bring great amount of joy to your day. A large change could bring you to a whole new understanding of yourself and your life. For some silly reason, we tend to resist change, when in actuality, change can be the most amazing life altering gift. With change comes growth, and growth is an important part of obtaining a complete self and a happy life.
Don’t resist the gifts the universe presents you with. Don’t doubt where there is no reason too.

When you are resisting you are causing an internal struggle and perpetuating stress. You may not even be aware of your resistant behavior or thoughts, so be sure to pay attention. Don’t stress regarding change, allow the change to unfold as it may.

Release doubt, worry and embrace the next chapter, you will learn, grow and become more understanding with every change you encounter. Embrace it, stay positive and believe that you are worthy of betterment.