Believe and Belief

Your true and core beliefs are what drive and mold your life. Examine your beliefs and you can see where your blessings come from, where your goals have succeeded. On the other side, notice the beliefs you have with hinder your life and goals. We have all experienced something which we just knew to be true and of course it did come to fruition. What you believe in your heart and soul are reflective of your life outcomes. A fantastic exercise you can try is to write out the areas of life which you are grateful for and beside write out a belief you have which corresponds. Do the same with areas of life which you wish to improve. Write out what is missing  or lacking in your life, note the limiting belief you have which corresponds. Being able to self examine, leads to self-realization. Once you can put your finger on it, you can make improvements and adjustments to correct your course.  This is your life, live the best life possible and know your spirit is worthy of all you desire.

Get out the pen and paper and try this exercise. Experience all of your greatness and thrive.